Part 1 STU Autocross Cayman Build

After 2 years in our ESP Prepped S550 Mustang Doug and I were looking at some different paths for 2018. The Mustang had been a real blast and it was pretty easy to get it up to speed, but after nationals it became clear that some serious work was going to have to be done. Things we didn't really want to do. Cutting fenders, lots of wrenching. Around this time SCCA brought out the 2018 car classifications and there is was....986, 987.1, and 987.2 Cayman S in STU! Doug and I have been eyeing the Cayman for years, but Street didn't seem very appealing and neither did ASP. STU seemed perfect! ST rules gave us the ability to fix the 2 big things the car lacked in stock form; camber and spring rate.  

So we set out researching Cayman's! The obvious choice was a 987.2 Cayman S. It had the most power, and also the most potential for obtaining more power from tuning because of the direct port injection. Now, you might be as surprised by this as we are but their are not as many 987.2 Cayman S cars out there as one would think. When we started the search we found a total of 9 in the whole country. Just about every car was equipped with PDK. We actually Liked the idea of trying a paddle shift car. It also happened to fit in with our KMP Steering Wheels we had just started selling for many of the new Porsche's. After 2 weeks of searching and one car sold out from under us even after the deal was done, we found the car. It was located just outside of Knoxville, TN so we loaded up the #BoostBus and hooked up the trailer to go get it, Bring it home and take it apart.
After we got the car home, we started ordering parts. After all, it was already the end of February. The first Texas Region event was going to be in Mid-March and while we new we would be developing all year, we wanted to make sure we had the major components installed on the car. We sat down and decided those things were wheels and tires, coilovers, and a Cobb access port.